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The Official Website of MAXIMUM DATA Svcs Phils Inc.
Employing only the best methodology

Maximum Data Svcs Phils Inc. a company dedicated to provide excellent service in the various facets of data management, assisting our client companies fulfill simple to complex data management requirements, thereby giving them opportunities to focus on their core businesses and processes.

Employing only the best methodology,
we ensure delivery of excellent
service in terms of timeliness, quality
and cost for our customers'
data servicesrequirements.

We are a data conversion company
based in the Philippines specializing
in data entry and markup languages
(i.e., SGML, HTML and XML).

We convert data be it in paper, electronic
or microfilm format into a structured
format ready for any intended application

Visit our services page for more
information of what we offer.

R5 Data Vision Philippines Inc. is undergoing changes with the view of advancing its contribution to the BPO Industry in terms of expanding both the core of its services and geographical reach.

With the renewed thrust in its efficiency and enthusiasm to reach a new level of performance, R5DVPI wishes to be known as MAXIMUM DATA SVCS PHILS. INC.

While there are changes designed to make us excel in our field of expertise, the same contact people
you have known at R5DVPI
will still be available to attend to your inquiry and RFP's.

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