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  - Check 1960's coin ads

Modern SILVER coins 
   Background image: HK 20 Centennial Medal in silver

This neglected medal is beginning to gain recognition as the "So-Called Dollar" series gains popularity. It is "very scarce" HK estimate 250-500 with an initial issue price of $3.00.

  The fact that it is so often found in circulated con
dition is a testament to its popularity and acceptance since the time of issue.



Mystery Coin (Medal/ Token)
 Purchased by my late father years ago, paperwork  misplaced.

  Mystery medal -  bought in 2003 in large  lot

Google search reveals similar medal in gold


   About me: I am a second generation numismatist.

      My late father Joseph Newmark, July 8, 1918 - January 27, 2008, WW II veteran started collecting Morgan Dollars around 1960.
  That was back when you could get them at face value from most banks.

    Dad traded in traded in morgan Dollars as "Edward's assiciate from about 1961 - 1964. He spent the next 20 years
manufacturing sweaters as 'ALA Knitwear' - uncredited name behind the 'name behind the label'.

   After retiring from the knitting business he turned to metal sculpting.

     I used to help pick through the bags of 1,000. Over the several years we picked out many  rarities at face value.
 The REAL circulation rarities were 1903-O,   & 1898-O, 1904-O - ALL scarcer  than the 1893-S. I remember the day
 we completed the Morgan dollar set at FACE value, when we found an 1895-P.

   His collection, which sold in 1983 - 1985 included a high grade Seated Dollar set (missing only 1870-S),
1/2 cents, (missing 1796) large cents, (missing 1793). 20 cents (missing 1876-cc, and
complete: 2 cents (BU), 3 cents silver BU/PF,  3 cents nickel (Proof), Shield nickels. (proof), Liberty nickels. (proof),
Buffalo nickels & Commemorative silver.

    I thank A.N.A. librarian Nancy Green for providing the following Numismatic Scrapbook ads from the early 1960's.
These old ads may  be of interest, both to show the appreciation since that time, as well as to demonstrate the relative
scarcity  within the Morgan series. 
           Jun 1962.   - Note the prices on 1898-O, 1903-O, 1904-O, before bags of these dates were found.
          January 1963  This ad followed the discovery of bags of the previously VERY RARE 1903-0 $, and the scarce 1898-0 and 1904-O.
          October 1964 . Check the ad on the left: Morgan Dollar set, including 1889-cc, 1893-s, with 55 BU coins for under $1000. 


 U.S.A.Circulating 90% Silver Dollar type set   B & W:  Front - Medium image, Large image; Back- Medium image, Large image;

1795 Flowing Hair  - Fine
1795 Bust Small Eagle - Very Fine
1799 Bust Large Eagle
- Purchased as XF with near full luster - probably AU by today's standards
1836 - Gobrecht - "Original" one of 1000 struck in December 1836.  AU

1842 Proof Seated Dollar? -  Toned Uncirculated Proof surfaces, with unusually defined denticles, ?atypical for a circulation strike?
 Is this a proof? (The photos have been enhanced to show detail, so the cameo appearance does not   reflect the  actual toned surfaces:- Originals at:
obv./ rev .
1868 - Choice uncirculated
1883 - Gem uncirculated
1921 -
Choice uncirculated
1927-S Choice uncirculated