WORLD CROWNS  for sale -   Mexico City Mint - Spanish Colonial  8 Reales (N.F.S)
                       Pillar     1732 to 1771  Portrait 1772 to 1821
       I first learned about the "Spanish Milled Dollar" when I saw my first Red Book around 1962. These were the first Silver Dollars of the fledgling United States and remained legal tender until 1859. 

      My father started this collection with the 1758 piece on  the right, which I located for him in a Coinhunter auction in Philadelphia in 1974. I have "upgraded", but hold on to it as a souvenir of how I share my father's hobby.

      The collection is complete by date & ruler, missing several assayers and the MX mint piece.

   Chop marks on Pillar 8 R's  are far less common than on Portrait and Cap & Ray 8R's.
Pillar Dollar 1758 Mo  

          Beware of  fake 8 Reales.
    If you think the price is too good to be true - you are correct.
Pillar Dollar 1758 Mo


                   (ITALI CS - not in my collection)
1732  Mo   F    VF    KM 103 PHILLIP V **for sale**

(1733 MX F)
1733  Mo  MF    VF   ex Amon   Carter
(1733  Mo F) (1733 MX MF)
Most of my early pieces (before 1742) were recovered from shipwrecks. Almost all of these appear to have been in  mint state before they were submerged.   I recall reading an article describing a process of cleaning and retoning these pieces.  The following group, apparently subject to similar processing, and probably came from the same wreck. (Possibly the Reigersdaal or Carolina) See this website dicussing  "perfectly preserved" 8 Reales pieces recovered fron the Reigersdaal wreck.
1734  Mo MF    XF   Salvage**for sale**

1735 Mo MF    XF   Salvage
1736 Mo MF    XF  Salvage
1737   Mo MF    XF   Salvage**for sale**
1738  Mo MF   XF   Salvage - 2 pieces showing different
    techniques in retoning
1739 Mo MF    VF      
1740   Mo MF    XF  Salvage**for sale**
1741 Mo MF    XF   Salvage
1742 Mo MF    VF   
1743 Mo MF    VF  **for sale**
 1744 Mo MF    F-VF         

1745 Mo MF   
1746 Mo MF    VF        **for sale**

1747 Mo MF    VF    275 Philip V KM 103  

KM 104.1   FERDND VI 

1747 Mo MF VF  
1748 Mo MF  **for sale**      

1749 Mo MF    XF-AU  (cleaned)  CHOP
1750 Mo MF    VF     

1751 Mo MF  XF             **for sale**
1752 Mo MF    F+
1753 Mo MF    F+     
1754 Mo MF  VF  **for sale**

(1754 Mo MM  F+     KM 104.1  "Royal" Crown left)

 KM 104.2   FERDND VI "Imperial" Crown left

KM 104.1 VF  "Royal" Crown left

KM 104.2  "Imperial" Crown left

 1754 F Mo MF
1754 Mo MM    KM 104.2   **for sale**

1755 Mo MM    VF      **for sale**
1756 Mo MM    VF      **for sale**
1757 Mo MM    VF     
1758 Mo MM   TONED AU or better**for sale**
1759 Mo MM    AU   **for sale**

1760 Mo MM   KM 104.2 FERDND  VI   VF


1760 Mo MM     KM 105 CAROLUS III AU**for sale**
1761 Mo MM    XF - AU
1762 Mo MF    AF   - RARE - Offered about once / year
**for sale**  

1762 Mo MM    XF      **for sale**
1763 Mo MF    VF    330  

(1763 Mo   MM)
1764 Mo MF    VF **for sale**
1765 Mo MF    XF     
1766 Mo MF    XF     
1767 Mo MF    XF      **for sale**
1768 Mo MF    VF
1769 Mo MF    XF
1770 Mo FM    VF **for sale**

1770 Mo MF    F+
 1771 Mo FM    VF


1772 Mo FM    XF-AU       KM 106.1 **for sale**

1772 Mo MF    VF    350    Mo 8R FM**for sale**
1773 Mo FM    F+      KM 106.1
1773 Mo FM    F      KM 106.2
**for sale**

1774 Mo FM    VF            
1775 Mo FM    XF
1776 Mo FM    XF  
**for sale**

(1777  Mo   FF)           1777 Mo FM    XF

1778 Mo FF    XF     
(1778 Mo    FM ) 1779 Mo FF    XF     
1780 Mo FF    VF
**for sale**
1781 Mo FF    XF
1782 Mo FF    VG   
1783 Mo FF    VF   

  (1783 Mo    FM) 1784 Mo FF    VF     
1784 Mo FM    VF         
1785 Mo FM    VF   
1786 Mo FM    F      

1787 Mo FM    XF       
1788 Mo FM    XF
  1789 Mo FM    VF

KM 107  Two year Type CAROLUS  IV Armored bust    

Note our contemporary interpretation of "correct" Roman Numerals was used in K 107 & discarded in the later type.

1789 Mo FM    F

1790 Mo FM    XF

KM 108    1790 Mo FM     VF
Old Bust /CAROLUS  IIII      One Year Type

KM 109 CAROLUS  IIII  - New Bust

1791 Mo FM    F      

1792 Mo FM    VF    
1793 Mo FM    F        CLEANED
1794 Mo FM    F     
1795 Mo FM    VF     
1796 Mo FM    VF
1797 Mo FM    VF     
1798 Mo FM    VF     
1799 Mo FM    F      
1800 Mo FM    VF     

1801 Mo FM    F+     
1801 Mo FT    VF    100 
1802 Mo FT    VF   
**for sale**
1803 Mo FM    (counterfeit)

1803 Mo FT    VF   
 1803 Mo TH    F
**for sale**
1804 Mo TH    XF 
  1805 Mo TH    VF  
1806 Mo TH    VF     
1807 Mo TH    F+      
(1870 Mo   TH )       
1808 Mo TH K 109 Carolus IIII     VF     **for sale**

1808 Proclamation  Fonr 6478; Grove f-13
Medina 318; Herrero 33; Ponterio 3/24/95 $90

KM 110 FERDND  VII Armored

 1808 Mo TH
**for sale**

1809 Mo HJ **for sale**
1809 Mo TH    VF      

1810 Mo HJ    VF  
(1810  Mo  TH) 1811 Mo HJ          

KM 111 FERDND  VII Draped Bust

1811 Mo HJ  Lustrous XF-AU with peripheral weakness      
Much scarcer than KM indicates
**for sale**

1812 Mo HJ    VF      
1812 Mo JJ    G      
1813 Mo HJ    F
1813 Mo JJ    VF
   (1814 Mo   HJ)
1814 Mo JJ    XF     
1815 Mo JJ    AF 
1816 Mo JJ    F      
1817 Mo JJ    VF        
1818 Mo JJ    F  
**for sale**
  1819 Mo JJ    VF  
1820 Mo JJ    F      

1821 Mo JJ   
**for sale**

Iturbide KM 304  1822 Mo JM    XF       1822 Mo JM    VF   KM 310
1823 Mo JM    VF  KM 310


** These 8 Reales have been consigned to  public auction at Stack's sale of January 7, 2012.